Pedestrian detours are coming back — Tower lobby corridor to close for

With exams set to wrap up later this month, the Brock LINC construction project at the base of Schmon Tower will need the space that has been used as a temporary corridor over the past year, so detours experienced last summer will resume.Starting Thursday, April 26, the temporary corridor on Level 200 between the Learning Commons and the east side of Thistle and the Mackenzie Chown Complex (which gives access to the Schmon Tower elevators) will be closed and demolished.In another project, the Schmon Tower Tim Hortons on the east side of the construction site has now closed for renovations, which will coincide with work required to connect the BrockLINC to the Centre for Digital Humanities. The Schmon Tower Tim Hortons is expected to reopen sometime around the end of the summer. The Thistle Tim Hortons further to the west near ScotiaBank Hall will remain open through the summer. The bank machine near Alumni and Development will also close.The closures will impact the Brock campus in the same way they did in 2017. That will mean significant diversions for:Pedestrians going from the Isaac Brock statue area into the University.People using the Tower elevators to access administration floors.People using interior corridors to get between the east and west parts of campus.1. Accessing Tower and Learning Commons/Library from the front of campus (Map A)As it has been since Brock LINC construction began last year, access to Schmon Tower and areas around it through the former lobby is unavailable.To reach the Tower, the Learning Commons and the west end of campus, pedestrians in the Isaac Brock statue area will need to detour to the west around the construction zone or through Welch Hall/David Howes Theatre lobby and on to the entrance at Scotiabank Hall near the Computer Commons (Fishbowl).To reach the Mackenzie Chown Complex, Jubilee Court, Decew buildings and the east end of campus, pedestrians in the Isaac Brock statue area will need to detour east around the Goodman Business School construction zone.2. Accessing the Tower elevators (Map B)From April 26 until mid-July, Level 200 access to the Schmon Tower administration elevators will be closed.People needing to access the main Tower elevators (to non-library floors) must do so from the bottom 100 level, via Market Hall, or from the Podium entering at the 300 level near BrockCentral at the Registrar’s Office.Those with accessibility needs can get from the main 200 level down to Market Hall using the elevator in the west Thistle corridor, just down from the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre.Access to elevators serving the Library floors of the Tower, which are accessible through the Learning Commons, will not be affected. 3. Getting from east to west, or vice versaBecause the temporary corridor between the Learning Commons (Library) and the east side of Thistle Complex leading to Mackenzie Chown will be closed from April 26 until at least mid-July, travel between the two sides of the Tower will take some extra time.Persons moving internally through the Tower area, from one side of campus to the other, will need to detour through corridors behind the Tower, using the Thistle north and Thistle west corridors.NOTE: Accessible and gender-neutral washroom accessThe closure of the Schmon Tower lobby temporary corridor will also mean the two gender-neutral, accessible washrooms in front of the tower elevators will be unavailable. Other accessible, gender-neutral washrooms are available: near Sean O’ Sullivan Theatre on Level 200; on Level 100 of West Thistle hallway; and on the fourth floor of Schmon Tower.A view of the new 300 level in front of Schmon Tower. read more