Tyson Gay Tests Positive for Banned Substance No Usain

American sprinter, Tyson Gay, has tested positive for a banned substance and will not compete at the World Championships next month in Moscow. This exit from the track meet means he and world-record Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt will not have the epic race most track fans were anticipating.Gay didn’t discuss the substance in a recent phone conversation to the press Sunday, where he talked about his positive test. He said he was contacted by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency last week, where they told him his sample came back positive from a May 16 test.“I don’t have a sabotage story. I don’t have any lies. I don’t have anything to say to make this seem like it was a mistake or it was on USADA’s hands, someone playing games,” said Gay, who fought back sobs as he spoke. “I don’t have any of those stories. I basically put my trust in someone and I was let down.”A few years back, Gay was involved in a USADA program called ‘My Victory,’ where athletes pledge to compete drug-free. In his testimonial video for the initiative, Gay said, “I compete clean because I really believe in fairness, and besides that, my mom would kill me! Just being honest.”The sprinter also said he already discussed the test results with his teammates, friends and family, including his mother and daughter.“They already know it is some type of accident, or some type of — I don’t want to use certain words, to make it seem like an accident, because I know exactly what went on, but I can’t discuss it right now,” he said. “My career and my name have always been better than medals or records or anything like that. I’ve always wanted a clean name with anything. Unfortunately, I have to break this news, that I have a positive ‘A’ sample.” read more

Russell Westbrook Has Knee Surgery Again Will Miss 46

Russell Westbrook has had another arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Tuesday morning, according to the Oklahoma City Thunder.Westbrook tore his meniscus last season in the first round of the NBA playoffs, after Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley crashed into his knee.“Russell has been incredible in his work and rehabilitation. He has been pain-free and has performed at a high level during practice, but has experienced recent swelling that had not subsided,” said Thunder general manager Sam Presti. “After careful consideration and recommendations from the medical team, we elected to do the procedure today based on our consulting physician’s belief that the swelling would be alleviated, and in turn give Russell the best chance for sustained performance throughout the season and beyond. During the procedure it was determined that the source of swelling was due to a loose stitch, and fortunately we were also able to confirm that the meniscus has healed properly.”The guard will miss the first 4-6 weeks of the 2013-14 regular season because of the injury. Westbrook had never missed a game in his five NBA seasons, prior to this injury. read more

Legendary Quarterback John Elway Cant Figure Out Quarterbacks

13Indianapolis Colts91.760.5 6Pittsburgh Steelers94.665.4 John Elway sees a Hall of Fame quarterback every time he looks in the mirror. So you can imagine the frustration of the Denver Broncos’ general manager that he hasn’t been able to spot a new franchise QB since Peyton Manning left town three years ago.When the Broncos open the 2019 season, Joe Flacco is expected to be the fifth player to get a crack at the position since the 2015 campaign that culminated in a Super Bowl victory. Flacco’s signing came as a shock to Case Keenum, the team’s starting quarterback last year. But it should hardly have been a surprise given that, in Elway’s eight years in charge of the team’s roster, he has already cycled through seven different starting QBs.1This includes both of Brock Osweiler’s stints as starter, in 2015 and 2017, which were separated by a season in Houston. Flacco hardly seems a long-term answer entering his age-34 season — or an answer at all given that he’s 39th out of 42 qualifying starters in yards per pass attempt over the past three seasons, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group.The Broncos are 29th out of the 32 teams in Total Quarterback Rating2Total QBR is a metric on a 0-to-100 scale that incorporates all of the quarterback’s contributions to winning on all of his plays, adjusting for opponent quality. since the start of the 2016 season. And the teams behind them — the Jets, Cardinals and Browns — drafted quarterbacks in 2018 with top-10 picks. 26Chicago Bears85.547.5 9Minnesota Vikings98.862.2 2Atlanta Falcons105.971.7 20Baltimore Ravens82.750.2 Most of Denver’s success in this time frame came with Manning under center. He delivered consistency and success (45-12 regular-season record) to a franchise that hasn’t seen the same quarterback start five seasons in a row since Elway did it himself. So a more impressive showing may belong to the Houston Texans, who somehow posted a 51.2 winning percentage despite starting eight different quarterbacks. The Texans finally seem to have found their long-term answer: Deshaun Watson, for whom they traded up from the 25th slot in the 2017 draft. The Broncos had a higher selection to trade that year (20th) but held it to select tackle Garett Bolles.One of Elway’s problems is that even without Manning, the Broncos have not been bad enough to be in position to draft a top quarterback. This year, they’re slated to pick 10th — behind both the Giants and Jaguars. But with a 20-28 record over the past three seasons, they’re not overcoming bad QB play, either.If Flacco does take over as signal-caller, this would be the second year in a row that the Broncos will have looked to another team for its starting QB. That’s an unconventional path to finding a signal caller given that last year, with Keenum, Denver was one of just four teams3Along with Minnesota, New Orleans and Washington. to have a passing leader by attempts who had ever played with another club.Elway has tried drafting quarterbacks, too, selecting presumed Manning replacement Brock Osweiler in the second round of the 2012 draft, Trevor Siemian in the seventh round in 2015 and 26th-overall selection Paxton Lynch — Elway’s one first-round quarterback pick — a year later. Despite the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Elway, who mastered the position at a Hall of Fame level, none of those players is currently on Denver’s roster.Elway had a chance last year to spend a premium pick on a quarterback but passed on Josh Allen and Josh Rosen. That was after being beaten to the punch by the Jets for the quarterback he was rumored to prefer among all others in 2018, Sam Darnold.4The Jets traded ahead of Denver to select Darnold.When he took the job, Elway expected that a consensus franchise quarterback would have to be acquired with a top-five-overall pick. He also believed that one could be developed with the right supporting cast, including the coaching staff. But he did not sound like someone who knew what to look for.“You look for those traits that you see in each quarterback that you believe can translate into a franchise guy,” Elway told the Denver Post in 2011. “There’s the stuff you can see on film, but there’s so much more that you can’t see on film.”Flacco has a reputation for being big-armed like Elway, who was famed for imprinting the “Elway Cross” into the chests of his receivers with the velocity of his perfect spirals. But that element to Flacco’s game has faded in recent years: Since 2016, he ranks 37th out of 41 quarterbacks in Raw QBR on passes 20-plus yards from the line of scrimmage.Yet Elway seems content to bet on Flacco’s reversing the team’s fortunes at least in the short term. Does Elway see something in Flacco that few others can, given how widely the transaction has been panned? Or is it possible that one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history just can’t judge or develop quarterbacks?Cognitive scientist Sian Beilock, the president of Barnard College, wrote in Psychology Today that there’s little chance that former athletes can remember what made them great. In fact, those athletes probably couldn’t have communicated it even when they were playing. “When your performance flows largely outside of your conscious awareness, your memories of what you’ve done are just not that good,” Beilock wrote. “This makes it hard to teach what you know to someone else. … As you get better and better at what you do, your ability to communicate your understanding or to help others learn that skill often gets worse and worse.”The same presumably holds true for knowing what to look for in a player at the position you played. So it just may be that the worst person to pick the new Elway for the Broncos is Elway himself.Neil Paine contributed research. 3New Orleans Saints105.969.7 12Philadelphia Eagles92.460.9 11Seattle Seahawks98.661.4 24St. Louis/L.A. Rams89.649.0 19Oakland Raiders91.551.1 7San Diego/L.A. Chargers95.562.5 21Carolina Panthers82.750.0 18Buffalo Bills76.951.2 RankTeamPasser RatingTotal QB Rating 28Miami Dolphins88.243.9 17Tennessee Titans86.855.1 16Washington Redskins90.356.2 14Tampa Bay Buccaneers90.660.2 15Houston Texans85.657.7 25New York Giants86.148.0 29Denver Broncos79.743.0 Source: Espn Stats & Information Group It’s difficult to make the case that Flacco is any more likely to reverse the team’s fortunes at quarterback than Keenum was. So the Broncos’ search for a quarterback probably isn’t over. Elway admitted after the season that the team needed to find a long-term solution. But they’re not the only team in the NFL with that problem.Washington, Miami and Jacksonville are reportedly looking for new quarterbacks, probably vying with Denver to add one via the draft. And the Giants are widely expected to draft a quarterback after general manager Dave Gettleman refused to commit to Eli Manning as the team’s 2019 starter.Usually, endless quarterback searches correlate with losing. The best example since Elway joined the Broncos’ front office in 2011 is the Browns, who have won just 24.6 percent of their contests while seeing 10 quarterbacks start at least five games. But Denver has managed to win 62.6 percent of its games in that time — the highest winning percentage of any team with at least five different quarterbacks who started at least five games. Denver is throwing nowhere fastNFL teams ranked by Total Quarterback Rating, 2016-2018 8Green Bay Packers93.062.3 27Jacksonville Jaguars80.947.3 22Cincinnati Bengals88.449.7 30New York Jets75.342.7 4Kansas City Chiefs102.869.3 32Cleveland Browns75.939.0 5Dallas Cowboys95.367.6 31Arizona Cardinals76.941.7 10Detroit Lions93.461.6 1New England Patriots103.272.5 23San Francisco 49ers83.149.3 read more

Tale of two halves Buckeyes overcome thirdquarter deficit tame Nittany Lions

Two minutes later, Torrence jumped a passing route to tip McGloin’s pass to himself. After juggling the ball, he tucked it and ran as the crowd of 105,466 – the seventh largest in Ohio Stadium history – turned what had been a shower of boos into an eruption of cheers. McGloin, a redshirt sophomore starting just his second game, looked like a seasoned veteran in the first half, appearing poised, confident and unfazed by the pressure of playing a top-10 team on the road. He completed 13 of 18 passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns before halftime. “He played really well altogether,” Penn State receiver Brett Brackett said. “He made some great plays and put us in a good position early.” The OSU defense, however, made the necessary adjustments in the second half. McGloin completed just two of his 12 second-half pass attempts, throwing a pair of interceptions, both returned for touchdowns. Still, the play of the game belonged to Sanzenbacher. On a 2nd-and-23, Pryor launched a pass toward the end zone looking for Posey, who was flanked by two defensive backs. The ball caromed off Posey’s hands and landed into the grasp of Sanzenbacher, who caught it in stride as he crossed the goal line. “I knew (Dane) was next to me on the route but not right next to me then,” Posey said. “I thought I came down with it but the defensive player knocked it out. I heard the roar and looked up and saw Dane with it in the end zone. I guess I kind of threw him an alley-oop.” The touchdown left the Penn State defense at a loss. “We broke it up, and it just happened to fall to him,” defensive back Drew Astorino said. “It was just one of those lucky plays that happen from time to time. Kudos to him.” One minute later, Howard put the game out of reach with his interception return. “I ran off the field and my head was spinning,” he said. “It still hasn’t hit me yet. I dreamt about this last night. I said if a play came my way, I needed to make it. So I guess my dream came true.” Pryor found tight end Jake Stoneburner for a 3-yard touchdown with four minutes left to put the icing on the cake. The junior signal-caller finished with 139 yards through the air, completing 8 of his 13 passes for a pair of touchdowns and an interception. OSU plays at Iowa on Nov. 20. The Hawkeyes (7-3, 4-2) lost at Northwestern, 17-14, on Saturday. A pair of Penn State defenders stood in the Ohio State end zone, hands on hips, heads down. The Nittany Lions had everything working through the first half. Then it all unraveled. OSU scored 35 unanswered points in the second half to pull away with a 38-14 victory Saturday at The Horseshoe. With 10 minutes left in the game, receiver Dane Sanzenbacher snared a deflected pass as he sprinted across the end zone for a circus-like 58-yard touchdown to give OSU a 24-14 lead, leaving the Penn State defensive backs in awe. Three plays later, cornerback Travis Howard returned an interception 30 yards to seal the win for the Buckeyes (9-1, 5-1 Big Ten). It took two quarters for OSU to shake off the rust accumulated over its bye week, but once nightfall descended upon The Horseshoe, the Buckeyes found their rhythm. Cornerback Devon Torrence, who was picked apart by Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin in the first half, returned an interception 34 yards for a momentum-shifting touchdown. The score provided OSU a 17-14 edge with 4:29 remaining in the third quarter. “I just saw it and just jumped it,” Torrence said. “I think it was maybe a low throw and I had to kind of tip it to myself to put it into position for me to catch it.” Running back Dan “Boom” Herron rushed for a career-high 190 yards on 21 carries as OSU turned to its running game after quarterback Terrelle Pryor completed just four passes for 58 yards in the first half. The Buckeyes rushed for 315 yards as a team, piling up 7.3 yards per carry. They gained 226 yards on the ground in the second half. “We run the ball at Ohio State in November and everyone knows that,” receiver DeVier Posey said. … “You don’t move away from what you do well.” After cashing in a 71-yard opening drive for a field goal, the Buckeyes punted on their final four possessions of the first half, entering the break in a 14-3 hole. The Nittany Lions had an opportunity to add to their advantage, but OSU stopped Penn State on a fourth-and-1 with about 1:30 to play in the second quarter. “Our guys went out in the second half and took over,” coach Jim Tressel said. “But I think it was fueled by how hard that defense fought in that last series that they had to stop them.” After halftime, Pryor and running back Brandon Saine got the offense going, as OSU embarked on a 96-yard drive to close within 14-10 midway through the third quarter. “When you keep on running the ball and keep on pounding it in there, you can sort of feel the momentum shift,” fullback Zach Boren said. “When we continued to be successful on the running plays, you could sort of feel like you were about to win the game.” read more

4th Pelotonia rakes in more than 168M rides past previous years proceeds

In its fourth year, Pelotonia raised more money than ever before with more than $16.8 million. Pelotonia, a bike ride to raise money for cancer research, broke the record for the largest single-event biking fundraiser in the nation this year and reached $42 million in donations since it began in 2009, according to a press release. In the annual bike ride – which begins and ends in the greater Columbus area – participants can ride 25 to 180 miles. This year, the ride took place during the second weekend of August, and each rider raised an average of $2,715. All proceeds went to Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and the Richard J. Solove Research Institute at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. In 2012, the fundraiser raised more than $16.8 million in donations, which was a 28 percent increase from 2011. Portions of the amounts raised have also gone toward 29 Idea Grants, or research grants, and 160 students receiving more than $5 million through Pelotonia’s fellowship. This fellowship is given to students at all levels who are conducting cancer research in faculty member’s labs, according to the press release. This year’s proceeds were presented to President E. Gordon Gee and  Dr. Michael Caligiuri, director of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center and CEO of the James Cancer Hospital, on Nov.15, according to the press release. Tom Lennox, Founder and CEO of Pelotonia said in the press release that he is proud of the progress and the participants that have come from 43 states and 3 countries. “To donate $16.8 million in 2012 and more than $42 million in just four years expresses the relentless spirit of the Pelotonia community to end cancer. We recognize our responsibility to drive progress, and we accept the challenge of attracting friends to our movement,” Lennox said according to the press release. “We are incredibly grateful for the commitment of our riders, volunteers, funding partners and everyone who donated or supported this year’s ride. We have enormous potential going forward, and we are just getting started.” read more

Womens Lacrosse Ohio State slips up in second half to fall 1810

The women’s lacrosse team huddles uo before a game in Ohio Stadium. Credit: Rebecca Farage | For The LanternThe Ohio State women’s lacrosse team came into its Saturday matchup against No. 18 with plenty of momentum, having won its past two games at home. However, that momentum was halted after the Buckeyes were blown out at home to No. 18 Penn State 18-10 Saturday afternoon. Prior to the game, Abigail Wise, Madison Castelein, Katie Burgee, Lauren Sherry, Anna Seanor, Emalee Mongno, Molly Wood and Shannon Rosati were all honored for senior day despite Ohio State having one more game remaining at home on April 15. Both Wood and Rosati have started in all 11 games for Ohio State this season with Wood having the third-most goals on the team at 19. The Buckeyes (5-6, 1-2 Big Ten) closed out the first half down 7-6, but could not keep it close in the second half. The Nittany Lions (8-4, 3-0 Big Ten) took control and scored 11 goals in the half and held Ohio State to just four to hand the Buckeyes their second conference loss of the season. The Buckeyes took an early lead when sophomore midfielder Liza Hernandez scored 45 seconds into the game. Junior midfields Mackenzie Maring and Baley Parrott followed up with goals to put Ohio State ahead 3-0 early in the half. The Nittany Lions responded with a 3-0 run of their own and tied the game with 22 minutes remaining in the first half. Penn State took the lead, but the Buckeyes fought to keep the game close. Ohio State trailed by one at the end of the half following a free position goal with 25 seconds left by Ohio State freshman midfielder Lindsay Epstein. The Nittany Lions wasted no time in the second half. Senior midfield Katie O’Donnell scored 36 seconds into the half and sophomore attack Maria Auth followed up with another goal 30 seconds later. The Buckeyes would not give in and Parrott cut Penn State’s lead to two with 28 minutes left. The Nittany Lions went on two more runs before Wood and freshman attack Riley Ewing scored back-to-back goals in a comeback effort.Ohio State will look to bounce back when it takes on Northwestern at 7 p.m. Friday. read more

Angry patient accuses GP of trying to start affair with his wife

first_imgRoker Family Practice, SunderlandCredit:North News “They continued exchanging text messages relating to non clinical matters. In addition there are messages from Dr Arnett to Patient A which had clear sexual innuendo, which were inappropriate, flirtatious and were, we again say, sexually motivated.”Patient A deleted all the text messages from Dr Arnett from her phone because she didn’t want her husband to find them and think the wrong thing.”But Dr Arnett had accessed Patient A’s records and texted her in relation to non clinical matters, in flirtatious and sexually suggestive ways.”He was using his professional position to pursue a sexual and improper emotional relationship with Patient A.”The following month Patient A attended an appointment with Arnett after complaining of a problem she had with her breast since finishing breastfeeding.But after giving her an intimate examination, Arnett’s chair moved towards the patient and they kissed.Mr Taylor said: “When they stopped Patient A recalls saying ‘wow what just happened?’ Well what just happened was that this doctor kissed the patient during his consultation with the patient at his surgery within a clinical setting.”The text messages between Dr Arnett and Patient A continued after the kiss in the surgery and the following day he texted the patient saying he liked her breasts just the way they were. That evening he sent a text saying that he regretted putting his ‘loose trousers back on’.”Just over a week later, Patient A asked Arnett if they could meet up for coffee but ended up at a pub on Arnett’s suggestion and he texted her saying: ‘I’m sure you look simply gorgeous! xx'” My marriage was not in a great place before this but the guy I turned to for help was the guy who screwed me overArnett’s patient She deleted the messages for fear her husband would find them but when she herself went to see Arnett for a breast examination at his surgery, the doctor kissed her and later texted saying: “I like your breasts just the way they are”.The pair subsequently went on a date at a pub where Arnett again kissed the woman – known as Patient A – after leaning into her car.The unnamed husband found out about the trysts when he interrogated at his wife when she returned home – and she confessed she had been with the GP.He later angrily confronted the doctor on his own doorstep and then reported him to the General Medical Council saying: “My marriage was not in a great place before this but the guy I turned to for help was the guy who screwed me over.”The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester was told the couple – who had a child together – had both been patients at Arnett’s Roker Family Practice in Sunderland, since 2012 where they would all engage in “friendly banter”. Arnett’s Roker Family Practice in SunderlandCredit:GOOGLE We say that in order to communicate with her in this way Dr Arnett accessed Patient A’s records in order to obtain her number, without her knowledge or consentAlan Taylor, for the GMC But trouble began in October 2014 when the husband went to the GP for treatment for an undisclosed illness. Counsel for the GMC Alan Taylor said: “Towards the end of the appointment Dr Arnett asked him how things were generally and Patient A’s husband broke down explaining how working away was having a serious impact on family life and he was stressed at work.”Significantly he also told him his marriage was in crisis. Dr Arnett gave Patient A’s husband the contact numbers for Sunderland counselling services.”But several months later in July 2015, Arnett unexpectedly sent Patient A a text message to tell her she had missed an appointment at the practice adding: “Home visits cost more LOL”.Mr Taylor said: “Patient A will confirm she didn’t supply her mobile phone number to Dr Arnett. We say that in order to communicate with her in this way Dr Arnett accessed Patient A’s records in order to obtain her number, without her knowledge or consent. We also say this was sexually motivated in the light of what happened.center_img A family doctor tried to start an adulterous affair with a female patient after her distressed husband confided to him that their marriage was in crisis, a medical tribunal heard.GP William Arnett, 41, had been having a medical consultation with the husband at his surgery when he suddenly broke down and said his job working away from home was having a severe impact on his family life.But after referring the husband to a counsellor, Arnett got a phone number for the patient’s wife from medical records – then began trying to woo her by sending flirtatious texts, it was claimed. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Roker Family Practice, Sunderland Mr Taylor said:”Patient A says she liked the attention of somebody wanting to talk to her. But after an hour in the pub Patient A’s husband phoned and she said she was in the pub with a female friend.”She then told Dr Arnett she had to leave in case he turned up – but he asked if she wanted to go for another drink elsewhere. She followed the doctor in her car to another pub although she wanted to get home because she felt guilty about lying to her husband.”As they were on the steps of the pub she gave Dr Arnett the type of kiss you would give your aunt or sister. But as she got into her car, he followed, leant into the car and kissed her – a proper kiss rather than a peck on the lips.”She backed away as she didn’t want to be kissed. That was the last time Patient A saw Dr Arnett.”When Patient A returned home, her husband asked where she had been, suspecting something was not right. He quizzed and quizzed until she told him and he retrieved her deleted text messages.”He was very angry indeed and used Patient A’s mobile phone to ask the doctor to ‘call me urgently’ using his wife’s phone so the doctor would think it was Patient A.”The following morning he did phone Patient A. The husband was present and recorded the call.”Patient A’s husband wanted to go round to the doctors house and tell his partner about what was going on, found out the road he lived. When he knocked on the doctor’s door, the husband was extremely angry but a young child aged six or seven answered.”The doctor would not come to the door and the husband shouted out the messages one by one. He eventually came to the door with a third party and said that nothing happened, it was just daft texts.”Patient A and her husband got in the car to leave and the doctor walked over to the car and said ‘for what it’s worth I’m really sorry’ to which the husband replied ‘too f**king late’.”The husband later transferred the family to a different surgery telling staff Arnett attempted to start an affair with his wife.He went on sick leave, had to arrange additional counselling and was prescribed antidepressants. Arnett who faces being struck off for misconduct was not present or represented at the hearing.The case continues. Arnett's Roker Family Practice in Sunderlandlast_img read more

Anglicans braced for new clashes over gay marriage in church

first_imgDespite this some among the conservative wing of the church still fear the Bishops’ report does not send a clear enough message against gay marriage.Susie Leafe, a General Synod member and director of conservative Anglican group Reform, said: “Without a clear commitment to that I can see them having problems getting it through. I haven’t heard anyone saying positive things about the report. The main problem is that there are people from all sides of the debate who for very different reasons think the content of the report is deplorable.”Guidance issued by the House of Bishops in 2014 about gay relationships says “same sex relationships often embody genuine mutuality and fidelity”.But the guidance adds: “Getting married to someone of the same sex would, however, clearly be at variance with the teaching of the Church of England.”In particular, it says “It would not be appropriate conduct for someone in holy orders to enter into a same sex marriage.”The issue has long split both the church establishment and its lay members.Fourteen Church of England clergy in same-sex marriages last year called on bishops to do more to include gay people in the life of the Church.In an open letter they said they wanted to eventually see gay couples allowed to marry in Church.Some of the clergy signing the letter last September were revealing publicly for the first time that  they were gay and married.Their letter came after Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain revealed he was gay and in a relationship, although he said understood and lived by the Church guidelines which say gay clergy must remain celibate.The subject of gay marriage has caused problems at the highest levels within the church, no more so than when the Dean of St Albans, the Very Reverend Jeffrey John entered into a civil partnership in 2006.He was twice tipped to become a bishop – at Reading in 2003, then at Southwark in 2010 – but was not appointed.On both occasions his sexuality was described as a “difficulty” for Church of England – despite the Dean’s assurance that he was committed to sexual abstinence.The Dean of Christ Church Oxford, the Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, expressed the hope that General Synod would refuse to take note of the report.  He said the report had “failed to really listen to the narratives of needs of the very people whose pain and alienation within the Church of England that it was purportedly addressing”.   I haven’t heard anyone saying positive things about the report.Susie Leafe, General Synod member and director of Anglican group Reform Simon Sarmiento, chairman of the church’s LGBT Mission group The Anglican church is set for a renewed clash on the divisive question of gay marriage this week when its ruling body votes on a key report from the Bishops on same sex relationships.The Church of England synod, the governing body made up of Bishops, clergy and laity which decides on church law and policy, will vote on Wednesday whether to ‘take note’ – confirm – or reject the report confirming the status quo against gay marriage.Liberals within the church are hopeful the synod will reject advice from the Bishops’ to leave its policy against gay marriage unchanged.A vote by the synod in favour of same-sex marriage could eventually pave the way for a fundamental change in Anglican teaching.That could eventually see gay and lesbian couples allowed to marry in church – something more conservative elements have long resisted.Liberals in the synod have welcomed the prospect of a vote against the ban on same sex marriage.Simon Sarmiento, chairman of the church’s LGBT Mission group, said a synod vote against the Bishops’ report would represent an important first step forward for gay, lesbian and bi-sexual couples who wish to marry in church.“We would be pleased if the synod decided not to ‘take note’ of the Bishops’ report. It should make the bishops realise that what they’ve produced so far really is not satisfactory and it will give an impetus for a re-think on gay marriage,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. Simon Sarmiento, chairman of the church’s LGBT Mission group However, Mr Sarmiento warned that reform of the church’s teaching and rules would still take some time and described the process as a “long haul flight” rather than a “short hop”.A source said the Bishop’s report to the General Synod, which is meeting in London, will anger liberals by reaffirming the teaching of the Christian Church that marriage is between a man and a woman.They say any move to water down the church’s teaching on same sex marriage must be resisted. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Elderly people split up in care homes die from a broken heart

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. It is normally survivable but can be fatal in elderly people or those with a pre-existing heart condition. A 2014 study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that the proportion of people who had a heart attack or a stroke in the month after a loved-one died was double that of a control group who had not been bereaved.  Every year cases are reported of elderly couples who die within minutes of each other. Earlier this year Leicester couple Wilf and Vera Russell died four minutes apart after 71 years of marriage.Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “In some cases partners may have different care needs but except in rare situations couples who want to stay together should be allowed to so.”When councils arrange care for an older person they have a legal duty to ensure it meets their needs. They have to take into account their psychological needs, as well as how any arrangements will respect their right to family life under the Human Rights Act.” Broken heart syndrome, or stress cardiomyopathy, is a real condition caused by shock such as bereavement or separation in which the left ventricle changes shape, weakening the heart muscle.  He said: “Merely demonstrating that if you let that person go on living in that house there is a foreseeable and appreciable risk that one day a neighbour or carer will come in and find them with a broken neck at the bottom of the stairs – is that sufficient justification for making them leave, if it is going to make them thoroughly miserable?””It is no good just saying most people would prefer to live longer in nice new accommodation without breaking their neck; some people would not,” he told members of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services. Sir James, who is due to retire next year, said he had felt “personal outrage” at the “inhumanity” of older couples being separated and put in different care homes. He said he believed that most people would prefer to stay with their partner instead of being moved to live somewhere “safer”. There is evidence to suggest that a disproportionate number of people die a short time after being moved to a care home. Figures from an LSE study carried out in 2011 showed that elderly people have a 55 per cent chance of surviving their first year in a care home. The likelihood then rises to 70 per cent for the second year and falls after that. The average length of survival was 15 months. Sir James added: “We do know that people die of a broken heart. I have read of cases where one person died and then the other dies a couple of days later. How long do people last if they are uprooted? A very short time.”  Britain’s most senior family judge said that separating elderly couples in care homes is inhumane because “people die of a broken heart”. Sir James Munby, head of the family court, said that “uprooting” older people could cause them to decline more quickly and that the practice of splitting up elderly couples, though rare, was “shocking”. The senior High Court judge said that professionals should take a “common sense” approach and think carefully about recommending that an older person should be separated from their beloved family, home and possessions. He said: “Where one is debating whether somebody should be uprooted – I use that word deliberately – and put in some residential placement which we think is better, that almost always involves a severance with place and people and things.”You are actually putting someone in a regime which may not allow them to smoke, or a regime where for their own good they may be required or heavily persuaded to indulge in the kind of collective jollification which they would have loathed at home.”It may mean putting them in some nice modern building which no doubt satisfies the building inspector but is simply not home to them.”The judge, who has been president of the High Court’s family division since 2013, told a conference of local authority care leaders that social workers should recognise when patients preferred to be happy than safe. He added that some professionals want to “rescue” patients from “unsatisfactory, unsuitable, rather squalid” surroundings which in some cases they have “literally been born in and lived the whole of their lives”. last_img read more

Unsung hero of Bletchley Park to finally be recognised as book rectifies

first_imgThe book will detail the beginning of his career in the Admiralty’s Room 40, spending the First World War as a cryptanalyst before going on to lead the Government Code & Cypher School.Running Bletchley Park, he is credited with establishing the beginnings of the “special relationship” by liaising with the US, and recruited the team which cracked the enigma code.Mrs Connolly described how Cdr Denniston had refused to speak about his experiences in life, understanding the importance of intelligence secrecy and fearing his small pension would be taken away if he shared too much even decades on.Research, she said, was therefore a “big project”, started by his son Robin and continued by Dr Joel Greenberg.“He was a victim of his own success,” she said of her grandfather.“He was very secret, and that’s how it should be. “The book, in conjunction with GCHQ, puts my heart at rest.“It will shed light on actually what was going on – his work, his values – and that makes me very pleased.“And I think my dad would be pleased, because he was very troubled by the lack of recognition and knowledge.” Alastair Denniston in the 1940s Alastair Denniston in the 1940s Alastair Denniston at a Bletchley Park event (sitting on the far right) Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing with Dance Alastair Denniston in his Navy uniform, 1919 The film, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, but left Cdr Denniston’s descendants “hurt” by what they condemned as an unfair portrayal.Speaking in 2014, Nick Denniston, Cdr Denniston’s grandson, said that those who knew him well had been “deeply offended” by the character, adding that there had been “quite a lot of bitterness” over how the public would now remember him.Candida Connolly, Cdr Denniston’s granddaughter, said of the family’s hopes for the biography: “To rectify the damage done by the Imitation Game, that would be a good start.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In life, he was the first head of GCHQ, who spotted the talent of Alan Turing and helped win the Second World War. By the time Hollywood got their hands on him, he was turned into a “pompous prat” obsessed with hindering the efforts of Bletchley Park’s stars.The true story of Commander Alastair Denniston’s life is now to be revealed to the public, after historian, GCHQ and his own family team up to set the record straight.Cdr Denniston’s grandchildren said they hoped a new biography would “rectify the damage done” to his reputation by The Imitation Game, in which Charles Dance played him as a “baddie”. Alastair Denniston (front row, 2nd from left) Olympic hockey team 1907-8Credit: By kind permission of Judith Finch, granddaughter Alastair Denniston (front row, 2nd from left) Olympic hockey team 1907-8 Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing with Dance He added: “On a personal level he was a superb athlete. He was innovative. He understood that you needed to bring very clever people into this intelligence work. He recruited Alan Turing.“He was a superb man manager, people were incredibly loyal to him.“For me, it’s about trying to bring his story to the public. You just present the facts and people will come to their own conclusions as to what extent he was mistreated.”A spokesman for GCHQ said that, despite his accomplishments, “Denniston’s contribution has surprisingly been overlooked until now.” Alastair Denniston in his Royal Navy uniform, 1919 Dr Greenberg said he had agreed to research and write the book after completing a biography of Gordon Welchman, another little-known key figure at Bletchley Park.He said the family had assembled “mountains of material” thanks to Cdr Denniston’s late son Robin. He also used information held by the National Archives, Bletchley Park, and GCHQ.“It was not easy because he was very secretive,” said Dr Greenberg. “Some said he was the most secretive person they ever met. “He was just pushed out [of Bletchley Park] before the war ended, on a small pension.“When he died in 1961 there was no recognition from the intelligence community, there were no obituaries in the national press. He’s the only head of GCHQ never to receive a knighthood.“What he should be recognised for is playing a key role in establishing the relationship between the United States and Britain in sharing intelligence.“His legacy is GCHQ. He created that organisation.” She added: “In many ways, Cdr Denniston was a ‘forgotten man’ but thanks to this new book  from Dr Greenberg, he will be forgotten no more.”The producers of the Imitation Game have previously said of their portrayal: “Cdr Denniston was one of the great heroes of Bletchley Park.As such, he had the perhaps unenviable position of being a layman overseeing the work of some of the century’s finest mathematicians and academics — a situation bound to result in conflict as to how best to get the job done.”The book, Alastair Denniston: Code-Breaking from Room 40 to Berkeley Street and the Birth of GCHQ, is available through Frontline Books and will officially be launched at GCHQ next week. Alastair Denniston at a Bletchley Park event (sitting on the far right)Credit:By kind permission of Judith Finch, granddaughterlast_img read more