Indian police- working needs to be understood and presented appropriately

first_imgThe incident of suspected rape and murder in Hathras and the unnatural death of the actor of Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput have been in news since the last couple of months and the entire media that includes the major news channels has been chasing these two cases. The chase of the news channels has been as if the two cases are vitally concerned with the overall interest of the nation or should be the cause of the failing economy and declining gross domestic product [G.D.P.]. Thus the attention of the entire nation seems to have been diverted towards these two incidents. The people of India seem to have forgotten for the time being the primary problems that the nation has been going through that include besides the gross domestic product, economy the rising unemployment and retrenchment in the corporate sector. People seem to be most interested in getting information on the latest developments in Hathras case and about the bail and release of Rhea Chakroborty who has been one of the accused in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The on-going debates on the consumption of narcotics in Bollywood and the addiction of major celebrities have been the most deliberated subject and also the involvement of the Bollywood actors in the procurement and supply of narcotics besides their clandestine relationship with the drug mafia. These developments seem to have induced virtual opium in the minds of viewers who seem to have got sedated with sensational new reports being presented by various news channels. Although this opium is not oral or injectable but directly through audiovisual effect of media presentation.In his latest interview to a tv channel, author Chetan Bhagat has put forth his views to the anchor Barkha Dutt in this regard. Chetan has mooted a very vital point when he has stated that people in India seem to be looking for entertainment in everything including news. In this regard, he has compared the latest happenings in Bollywood as well as Hathras with sports events and movies that people wish to see for entertainment and they now wish to see news with an element of entertainment without really understanding the gravity of the situation. The writer has thus highlighted the negative side of the human psyche in India that is least empathetic and seems to have lost their human feelings. Although modern lifestyle has been largely responsible for this attitude of the people nevertheless there is a power of thought and reasoning that seems to have denuded from the human minds.The police department has unfortunately come under the scanner or scrutiny of the news channels whether it is the case in Hathras or Mumbai Bollywood. The rallies that have taken place in Jantar Mantar New Delhi against the investigation conducted by the Mumbai police in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Uttar Pradesh police in the Hathras case and the cry for a C.B.I. [Central Bureau of Investigation] investigation clearly indicate the manner this institution has been made a scapegoat or whipping boy by the news channels of the country. There were a few ladies screaming for the blood of Rhea Chakroborty demanding for capital punishment without really understanding the issue and with incomplete knowledge. They had been blaming the police of Mumbai for their apparent failures without perhaps understanding the basics of the police investigation and working. This was because of the encouragement being given by the news channels who were trying to increase their T.R.P. ratings. The reactions towards the Uttar Pradesh police too had been similar. Perhaps the people in the crowd who had been crying foul against Rhea Chakroborty and the four accused in the Hathras case had for some time become oblivious to the fact that it is the police as an institution that protects society against anti-social elements and should any problems befall the common man the news channels shall not be the agencies that shall be coming for their rescue except for making their own headlines.The action taken by Mumbai Police against the few news channels may be termed as high handedness by quite a few nevertheless the truth or reality shall always remain different. This is an action that was required in order to convey a message to the electronic media to refrain from indulging in yellow journalism and unwarranted character assassination. The statement made by the police commissioner of Mumbai is appropriate from the point of view of the law and should be taken in the appropriate spirit. The reply given by the head of Republic TV may seem quite inspirational to many and induce a negative motivation but this must be taken with a pinch of salt and reasoning should never be allowed to be overtaken by emotion and sensational talks.The executive arm of the judiciary that is the police department has always had a challenging job ahead of them that is quite thankless as seldom does this institution get the credit for their good work done. Their mistakes that are human errors are highlighted beyond reasonable limits and police personnel are penalised departmentally. Even when reinstated the ‘Annual Confidential Report’ [A.C.R.] of the policeman is tarnished that affects their prospects of growth in the institution. This is the irony of the Indian society wherein people expect the police to be doing their duty but they as citizens should be allowed to go scot-free even when they are at fault.Democracy as a system does provide rights to the people of a nation and the Indian Constitution does provide basic fundamental rights to the people however some duties have to be complied with and cannot be overlooked. As a part of rights, freedom of the press is vital for the health of a democratic system but there remain certain responsibilities that need to be complied with and proper news reporting is a part of this. It should without any bias or polarity. Spreading unrest and trying to disturb peace in place or region through faulty news reporting is in contravention to the spirit of freedom of the press. This has to a large extent become a practice in India since the press has been granted autonomy and private news channels have mushroomed across the nation. Maligning government institutions with a vested interest in mind cannot be allowed hence disciplinary actions become necessary. There is a need to present the functioning of the police department in an appropriate manner which unfortunately has not been the case since autonomy has been given to the press.last_img

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