TriRig Omega One direct mount brakes are faster than no brake at all

first_imgTriathlon, especially longer distance ones that inspire people to get tattoos and mention their participation any chance they get, is a game of aerodynamics. And TriRig has been making brakes that reduce drag for years. Now they’ve made them even better, claiming the new Omega One is aerodynamically faster than not having a brake at all.Designed from the ground up to hide all moving parts, it’s shaped as one piece before being broken down into individual elements. This gives it a perfectly smooth exterior that’s aerodynamic in every direction – front, top, and sides. Which means you can use it on the front or rear of the bike, even under the bottom bracket.The other big improvements are changes to the mechanism and leverage ratios, giving it more power and modulation, and to the tire clearance.While disc brake bikes have opened up many bikes to run wider tires and rims to improve overall aerodynamics, efficiency and ride quality, rim brake bikes were often limited by their caliper’s clearance.The TriRig Omega One has no such limitations, offering up to 33mm of rim gap between pads, and tire clearance up to 700×34. For triathlon, that’s huge.The design keeps their magnetic front fairing, which simplifies setup. For travel, just remove the cable wedge and you can easily pull the handlebars off for travel without also having to remove the calipers…which means they stay perfectly aligned when you reassemble the bike before the race.The brakes are on sale now, with a 1-2 week shipping lead time as of this post. Retail price is $194.99.TriRig.comlast_img

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