Opting Out of Adulthood Is Becoming More Common

first_imgThe New York Times:Marriage, children, a paying job and a home are the traditional markers of adulthood. Take an economic collapse that has targeted young people, combine it with a growing culture of individualism and narcissism, and the result is that these markers are fading away.And this, to me, brings up the big question: Is adulthood being delayed or ignored?Certainly, many young people are working hard getting advanced degrees, or living with their parents to save money so they can successfully launch into adulthood. This is a rational response to the challenging economic climate. And it isn’t a radical new development. In some ways it is similar to young men in the 1890s putting off marriage until their late twenties so they could support a family.Read the whole story: The New York Times More of our Members in the Media >last_img

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