In our interests

first_img Reg Le Pla, Bradford Franklin Sinclair in the letter ‘Zero Support’ has only himself to blame. There is no purpose in having unprintable feelings or shouting about ‘outrage’ when the solution is in his own hands. The moral is: don’t do work if there is no possibility of payment. You can certainly get a good reputation by doing such work and no doubt put smiles on a lot of faces. But nobody of any influence in government or elsewhere is going to pay us to do work if, as a body, we have shown a willingness to do it free of charge. Months ago there was a suggestion that payment for representation at police stations would come to an end. What happens? At least one major ‘player’ in criminal representation went on public record saying such a step would make no difference to them and that representation would continue as before. Is there ever going to come a time when we put aside the pernicious doctrine of politically correct attitudes and spend just a small part of our time protecting and enhancing our own interests? Every passing day makes me more doubtful.last_img

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