Seats cleaned and protected

first_imgDEEP CLEANING is the speciality of Solutions E2, which has carried out work for Eurostar, Thalys and Arriva. ’Our deep-cleaning process can rapidly restore a carriage’s interior to virtually as-new condition, while simultaneously offering protection against further build-up of daily grime’, according to Managing Director Chris Debrick.The company has introduced to the rail sector an environmentally-friendly fibre cleaning and protection spray used on cruise ships and aircraft. The low-moisture, quick-dry foam is massaged into seat fabrics to draw-out grime, stains and chewing gum. Once dry, the covers are treated with anti-bacterial spray, which ’coats and protects the fibres from further soiling and staining, while allowing the fabric to breathe’, said Debrick. ’A seat is usually dry within 15min but, unlike other products which require a detergent to release any stains, only water is required to remove spillages’. The process will last for up to a year.Solutions E2 also offers Bio-Guard, a non-toxic odourless anti-bacterial spray used by airlines to reduce the risk of germ cross-transfer between the toilets and galley. The spray is applied by a wand, and a coach can be treated in under 1h. ’It is far more effective than disinfectant or bleach, as it continues to work long after application’. nlast_img

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