Diasporans Invited to Collaborate with Government on Development Ideas

first_img Share BusinessLocalNews Diasporans Invited to Collaborate with Government on Development Ideas by: – October 29, 2019 Tweet Share Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (Office of the Prime Minister photo)Dominicans, especially those who are based overseas, are invited to bring feasible development ideas and partner with Government.Hon Prime Minister Skerrit who is also Minister for Finance in statement on Monday, October 28th, challenged business-minded patriots to turn talk into action.He spoke proudly of Sam Raphael who collaborated with Government and brought his idea to rebuild Jungle Bay Villas.Jungle Bay Villas employs 60 and offers 30 eco-friendly rooms. Hon Skerrit says by the end of the year, that will increase to 150 staff members and another 50 rooms.“It’s good to say where you want your country to be and where you think it should be – anybody can have ideas…but what is your contribution? As little as it is, what is your contribution? I’m saying to you in the diaspora that if you have a practical and feasible proposal to present to us, we are prepared to partner with you.”He also spoke of Tranquility Beach Resort as another example of a patriotic Dominican who brought a sustainable development idea and partnered with the Ministry of Finance.He revealed, “A young man from River Street when tot Anguilla and was able to use his talents and build himself up to be one of the leading hoteliers and property owners in Anguilla. He came to us with a proposal and we have partnered with him and the hotel is now under construction. He has employed 60-70 Dominican onsite in Grand Savanne to build this hotel.”Hon Finance Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit says there are several other industries open to investment and that every good idea will make a difference.“You can partner with Dominica Social Security for their lands at Warner to build residences to sell to the diaspora; we ca partner with you on that. We have lands in Cotton Hill that can be used for exquisite residential housing.“There are areas in agriculture: the use of hydroponics or greenhouse technology. Come with a proposal, something that can grow food to export and provide for the hotels.“There is number of opportunities, it is up to us to look at the country on a positive slant; not to look at the glass half empty but to say how can I get the other half to the brim.”“C’est gwen di wi ka feh sac di wi. It is the grain of rice that makes the bag of rice,” he translated.Government will meet with visiting Dominicans as is done every year. The Annual Diaspora Forum takes place at Jungle Bay Villas on Thursday.center_img Sharing is caring! Share 220 Views   no discussionslast_img

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