Kymeta Develops Novel Metamaterial Antennas with CST Studio Suite

first_imgKymeta Corporation has designed a range of lightweight portable antennas for mobile satellite communications, using the electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool – CST Studio Suite. Kymeta was formed to commercialize a new, innovative metamaterials-based antenna technology for satellite communication known as Metamaterials Surface Antenna Technology (MSA-T). By replacing the traditional beam-steering mechanisms such as gimbals and phased arrays with MSA T, Kymeta aim to produce antennas that are lightweight and responsive to use on the move and in the field. To design a working metamaterials-based antenna with low power requirements and a small form factor, Kymeta needed to optimize a multitude of interdependent variables. By integrating virtual prototyping into the design process, Kymeta was able to gain insight into the functioning of the antenna, minimize the number of real prototypes required and reduce costs. The complete case study explaining how Kymeta used electromagnetic simulation can be downloaded at

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