Danube remains without players –

first_img90% of the players on the Danube will leave the team after the uncertainties continue. As it is known, the “dragons” dropped out of the elite after the lost barrage from Montana with 1: 4. Julian Nenov, Mihail Milchev, Ivaylo Lazarov and Stefan Hristov, Blagoy Makenjiev, Grigor Dolapchiev and others are leaving.Vesko Velikov took advantage of the crisis in the DanubeAttracts Mikhail Milchev to KarianaIt was expected yesterday that the new owners would be announced, as well as the new head coach Engibar Engibarov, but this did not happen and the football community in Ruse seems to be about to be deceived again. The players are disbanded until July 27 (Monday), but most of them will have left or found new teams by then, Tema Sport writes.A statement appeared on the Facebook group Dunav Fans that the new owners came last night to the base of the Danube Stadium, and today they will give a press conference. Krassen Krastev was named as a representative of the management, who even stated that next season Danube will return to the elite.The new owners of Dunav (Ruse) stand before the fans today“The deal to acquire the team from the new owners is already a fact”last_img

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