Joint procurement for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games for the…

first_imgThe Latvian Olympic Committee (LOC) and the Latvian Paralympic Committee (LPK) have for the first time announced a joint tender for the purchase of costumes and equipment for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the LOK reports on Tuesday. In order to ensure a unified visual image of the Latvian Olympic and Paralympic teams at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer, LOK and LPK have announced a joint international procurement tender for manufacturers of sportswear and equipment. For the first time in the history of Latvia, the Olympic and Paralympic teams will have a unified visual identity.“The procurement is international, so we expect offers from several leading sporting goods brands,” says LOK President George Tikmer. “The most important circumstance is that this is the first part of the costume procurement procedure. In the autumn, we will announce the second procurement, where we will look for suppliers and manufacturers of Olympic and Paralympic teams for parade costumes.” “We will also actively address local fashion designers, as it will be a unique opportunity to create parade costumes that will be seen around the world at the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.”“It is very positive that the co-operation between the Latvian Olympic and Paralympic Committees has become closer, and for the first time in Latvia’s history the Olympians and Paralympians will have a common visual identity, bearing Latvia’s name in the world. This is also good international practice. in a world where Olympic and Paralympic athletes tend to wear different costumes, “says LLPK President Daiga Dadzite.She also emphasizes that the paralympians will use the clothes purchased as a result of the competition not only in the Paralympic Games, but will also be able to use them in European and world championships for several years, as it is not possible to buy new sportswear for every competition.“We invite entrepreneurs to actively participate in the competition so that the range of offers is as wide as possible and we get the best possible offer for Latvian athletes,” added Dadzīte.In order to ensure transparency and fair competition in the procurement, as well as to prevent conflicts of interest, an independent audit company has been involved – PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal (PwC Legal), which has undertaken to provide legal assistance to LOK and LPK in planning, coordinating and executing the procurement procedure. transparency and fair competition. The task of PwC Legal is to compile procurement documentation projects, agreements, as well as to provide legal support as an involved expert, advising LOK and LPK throughout the procurement process.“Organizing the procurement procedure and concluding the contract is a very responsible and thorough work. It is very important to ensure openness and fair competition during the procurement procedure so that the customer gets the best result,” said PwC Legal lawyer Sanda Niedrīte.The announced costume procurement envisages the purchase of 230 sets of sportswear for the needs of the Olympic and Paralympic teams, and each of them will consist of 32 items of clothing and accessories. The previously planned donation agreement for the supply of costumes to the Latvian Olympic and Paralympic team could not be implemented because the donor broke the agreement due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 in the world.As a result of the competition, the selected supplier will provide sportswear for the delegations of athletes and staff of the Latvian Olympic and Paralympic teams for the XXXII Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which will take place in Tokyo next summer.The biggest challenge of such a procurement is to combine the requirements of athletes with the promotion of the Latvian state, at the same time observing the requirements of the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the visual form developed by the Latvian Olympic delegation.last_img

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