Michael Behe: Evolution by Devolution

first_imgCongratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man Photo: A flightless cormorant, endemic to the Galápagos Islands, by putneymark / CC BY-SA.On a classic ID the Future episode, Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe discusses a peer-reviewed scientific paper he contributed to The Quarterly Review of Biology. Behe explains why most examples of evolution in bacteria and viruses entail loss or modification of function rather than gain of a new function at the molecular level. In his view, this poses a challenge to Darwinian explanations of molecular evolution. Download the podcast or listen to it here. Recommended Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour Evolution NewsEvolution News & Science Today (EN) provides original reporting and analysis about evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues, including breaking news about scientific research. It also covers the impact of science on culture and conflicts over free speech and academic freedom in science. Finally, it fact-checks and critiques media coverage of scientific issues. Share Darwinian evolution is supposed to explain how new forms and functions arose in the history of life, but when we study the process at the molecular level, we find evolution creating niche advantages not by building anything fundamentally new, but by throwing one or more things overboard. An example of this devolutionary process on a showier scale? Flightless island birds, devolved from birds that could fly. For more on Behe’s scientific criticisms of modern evolutionary theory, see his newest book, A Mousetrap for Darwin: Michael J. Behe Answers His Critics. Evolution Michael Behe: Evolution by DevolutionEvolution News @DiscoveryCSCDecember 19, 2020, 7:32 AM center_img “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide TagsbacteriabiochemistrybirdsDarwinian theorydevolutionflightlessnessfunctionLehigh UniversityMichael Behemolecular evolutionmolecular level of lifeniche advantagespeer-reviewed literatureThe Quarterly Review of Biologyviruses,Trending A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All Our Debt to the Scientific Atheists Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesislast_img

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